• My Guide to running armbands

    Generally, an armband is a very useful item designed for various purposes which includes marking an individual as a group member or expressing the role of an individual within an organization or society at large. Phone armbands are designed to provide comfort and convenience while handling your phone. The phone has evolved into a gadget that has been adapted to suit almost all human activities and phone armbands have been developed so that we can easily use our phones while we carry it in a very portable, less disturbing and less strenuous way. Phone armbands provide convenience and comfortable when handling your phone.


    Phone armband has proved useful in storing your phones while engaging in basic sporting activities like Hiking, Biking, Jogging, Running, Walking etc. With the help of these armband one can get involve in these exercises while, say, listening to music.

    Whether it is being worn while running, jogging, or during any sporting event, the purpose of phone armbands remain the same- to aid in convenient phone carriage and usage. The armband keeps the phone close by at the same time letting your hands be free to do other things.

    Why Should You Use A Phone Armband

    The armband has proven to be important not only in the convenient carrying of phones but also in its usage. Because of the activities that involve the use of phone armbands, the use of music players and fitness apps are generally the common use of phone armbands.

  • features of running armbands

    List of most important running armband features you should look for:


    Carrying your phone during workouts just became easier with the introduction of phone armbands. However, easier carriage is not the only importance of phone armbands in regard to your phone. They also help keep your phone safe as you perform vigorous sporting activities. Holding your phones while running or jogging would not only be disturbing for you but also be unsafe for your phone. Phone armbands provide a safe option for handling your phones as they are firm and would keep your smart phone in place.

    Listening to Music

    While jogging or in the gym, listening to music can seem can be a big motivating power. Research have shown that listening to music while you work out can up your performance by 15% as it helps distract the athlete from his or her body. This means that while listening to music, the athlete is not being attention to the discomfort the body experience, and this is a good thing as it would increase the effort being put into the work out. To listen to music while working out, especially when the source of the music is from your phone, a phone armband is needed.

    Fitness Apps

    Fitness Apps provide certain data that are necessary for you to keep tabs on your progress as you you work out. There are quite beneficial and some trainers have become dependent on them. The versatility of smart phones makes it possible for phones to be able to have these Fitness Apps which makes these phones a useful companion while working out, as they have the ability to monitor heart rates and pulse rates. Phone armbands provide the perfect modes for carrying the phones to be adequately used in this respect.

    Important Features of a Phone Armband

    Because all phone armbands are designed to do the same thing which makes it hard to choose which phone armband is more suitable, there all come with certain generic features that you would have to check for while purchasing an armband. Here is a list of some of those features:

    Moisture/ Water Resistance

    Since Phones are susceptible to a little water damage and even a little amount of can sweat cause great havoc to your phone if exposed inappropriately. So no matter the activity you engage in, it is important that you protect your phones from sweat or any other form of moist. This is why most phone armbands are water resistant. However, it is still important that you check the product before buying to make sure it is truly water resistant.

    Water Proof

    It is necessary that your armband be water proof if you are going to be interacting with a lot of water. Some Phone armbands are water proof so that active swimmers, scuba divers water boarding, surfing and are not left out in the use of armbands during their recreational activities. You should remember, especially if you intend to use the phone armband for scuba diving, to check how deep the water proof system of the armband is. Most armband comes with a water proof system that stops being effective beyond 12 feet deep into the water. Waterproof armbands are more expensive than normal armbands.


    The weight of your armband should be light enough to not cause discomfort as you engage in rigorous activities. The fact that you have an armband around your arm that carries your phone is cumbersome enough. For effectiveness, your phone armband should be no more than 2.5 ounces.
    This is ideal, especially because most armbands are made of light and soft materials like neoprene which is also used to make wet suits.

    Color and Style

    The Color and style of your phone armband plays a huge role in its functionality. While some people prefer the conventional black phone armband, others prefer other colors such as red, or even multicolored as this adds more personality to the armband.

    Adjustable Straps

    These are important features of phone armbands as they allow for the easy fitting into any arm size. While most armbands come with Velcro straps that allow you to easily wear the band, others come with adjustable straps. It is advisable that you find armbands with straps that 8-20 inches round the arm. This way, you would hardly have difficulty with size. These straps differ in size; some are thick while others are not. This would also depend on if the strap has storage compartment or not.

    Phone Compatibility

    Certain phone armbands are designed to be compatible with certain phone brands and it is vital that you find the ones that are compatible with your phones. An armband designed for a Samsung phone cannot be fit for a BlackBerry, and so it is important that you check you phone compatibility before purchase. This would ensure easy access to certain features of your phone and would reduce discomfort and inconvenience.

    Touch Screen Sensitivity

    This is another important feature of phone armbands. High end phone armbands offer touch screen feature so that there is convenient and easy control of the features of your phone. Although armbands that have this feature are a bit more expensive, it is worth it in the end as there is a smooth use of the phone without having to strain too much.

    Holster armband

    Holster armbands are used to secure phones, protecting them from the elements with the close pouch straps. It also protects the phone in the event of a fall.

    Other Features

    There are other features that your phone armband can come with which include key holder slot, compartment for keeping keys. Also, the ability to float is another feature that you might want to consider your armband having. Some armbands also come with extra cushioning for comfort and durability. It should be known, however, that most phone armbands only come with space large enough to fit one house key or car key.

  • Best Phone Armband

    This phone armband provides as easy way to hold your phones. Compatible with iPhone 6, the armband is both water resistant and water proof so that your phone is protected from sweat as you work out. 


    Transparent front panel provides easy display and it also comes with touch sensitivity so that you can still control the phone’s features even though the phone is still inside the armband. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily used ion a low-light condition, and its bright LED light provides high visibility. 


    Your phone is safe in this armband with its ultra-safe feature.




    Take a look and enjoy!


  • final word

    In conclusion, Phone Armbands are easy to adopt into our activities. The first step into purchasing an armband is to decide the kind of activity you are going to be frequently engaging in. Whether it is biking, hiking, jogging, running, swimming, surfing, water boarding, scuba diving, searching for the armband that would fit into these activities would not take time. The next step is to find out which has the features that your frequent activities would require. For instance, if you are going to be swimming, it is obvious that you require an armband that is both water resistant and water proof. It is also important that you watch out for phone compatibility. Phones come in different designs and are used differently and so, for easy use of your phones while performing, it is vital that your phone is compatible with the armband. Lastly, although few armbands are not water resistance, it is important that you use one that is as you would be dealing with sweat a lot even though you do not have any interaction with watery bodies and it is vital to keep your armband maintain so it can serve you for long.